Chapter Twenty Seven: Little India Singapore: July 2014


One of the main tourist locations in Singapore is the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, located in the Little India district. Getting off the metro at the Little India stop affords you a walk past the shops on Buffalo Road and Serangoon Road before arriving at the temple.



Along side the usual fruit and vegetables, a lot of the stores along the streets are preparing and selling floral offerings to give to the Hindu gods at the temple.



The temple is only open at certain times during the day for tourists, so it is worth checking those times before you make the trip out there.





Once inside the temple, it is a colourful and lively place. People are free to receive a blessing from a priest, or make an offering to one of the many deities inside the temple – either floral, or, for some reason, UHT milk!





All shots in this post taken on the Leica M-E with 50mm Summilux, with the exception of the last image, which was taken with the 28mm Summicron


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