My trip to the UK over Easter happened to coincide with a Leica User Forum meet up in Bath on Easter Saturday. Since I was fairly local for once, I decided to make the journey down to bath to join a group of like-minded photographers. Although rain had been forecast, […]

In February I was able to travel to Palo Alto to attend a new hire training, and took the opportunity to burn a few hotel points and spend the weekend before wandering around San Francisco. I managed to reserve the Marriott Hotel just off Union Square, which made a change […]

There is something about derelict industry that has always intrigued me. It’s a combination of the thoughts about what happened when the installation was originally in use, the actions that led to the decision to close down or relocate the factory, and the progression of the facility since the last […]

Away from the picturesque canals of the Jordaan, there is a different side of Amsterdam, reflecting the industrial shipbuilding past of the Dutch city. NDSM-werf, or NDSM Wharf, is accessible via a free ferry that departs regularly from the dock behind Centraal Station, and takes you to the North of […]

In November I needed to be just outside Washington DC for a training course, so decided to make use of the long distance travel by arriving a couple of days early and spending the weekend before walking around Washington, and then take the train from Washington DC to New York […]